Art by Sif Yraola & Zippora Martosoewando

I grew up within the Indonesian community, where massage is naturally integrated into life. The basics of Integral Massage I have learned through my Surinamese mother. As a young girl, I massaged my mother, who is a professional therapist and from there I developed my own style.

Techniques I integrate are chanting, energy work, guiding meditation, rhythm and dance in a unique way.

Uncovering that; 
Body & dream work are aligned in such, 
that when given a space, 
as it becomes harder to differentiate any idea of reality, 
all is One.

Currently based in Amsterdam I am, performing together with other artists and recording songs, working on an album. Inventing a way to make women’s menstrual assistance from coconut husks. Creating pieces from different materials and textiles. And sharing the massage work that I hold dearly because it is so deeply rooted.